Tile Refinishing Buffalo NY

Tile Refinishing Buffalo NY

If your bathtub or shower is looking a little tired and worn, why not give it a Tile Refinishing face- lift? Call Surface Magic for surface restoration and have it look and feel brand new! We can take care of any problem whether your tub is difficult to clean, worn out, damaged or even just the wrong color. Refinishing your bathtub and Tile Refinishing is the practical, low cost alternative to replacing your tub or shower altogether.

Replacing your tub or shower will entail a complete demolition and renovation, costing thousands of dollars, causing a huge mess that could take days or possibly weeks to finish. The National Kitchen & Bath Association reports that the average cost of such an undertaking is over $3,000. Having your tub refinished or Tile Refinishing by Surface Magic will cost you a tiny fraction of that!

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Benefits of Tile Refinishing vs. Replacing:

  • Add 15 years to the life of your tubs, tile and countertops
  • Tile Refinishing Cost is just 25% of the cost of replacing everything
  • Save time and avoid the mess and noise of a remodel
  • Update the look and color of your bathroom or kitchen in days, not weeks
  • Avoid the risks, mess and costs of a demolition team
  • All work is done by highly trained, licensed professionals
  • Every job done by Surface Magic is fully guaranteed. Yes we live up to our Warranties!

Tile refinishing

Bathtub Resurfacing

We solve these problems:

  • Black, moldy or stained grout lines
  • Cracks, chips and other damage to the surface
  • Dangerous slippery surfaces in bathroom
  • Discolored and stained bathtubs
  • Germs and bacteria collecting in cracks and seams
  • Lack of money and time for a complete renovation
  • Leaky cracked fiberglass
  • Leaks in terrazzo and tile shower pans
  • Outdated finish and color

Tile refinishing Bathroom Restoration Process:

We can completely restore fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic and cultured marble bathtubs with our  proprietary Tile Refinishing (reglazing) process. We start out using our very thorough two-step cleaning process so that all soap scum, bodily oils and mineral deposit are removed and the tub is totally cleaned. When this is finished all visible cracks, chips and anomalies are properly repaired.

Once we’ve completed cleaning and patching the problem areas, we carefully apply our proprietary bonding material to make sure the bond between the old surface and your brand new finish is solid.

The final process consists of a highly skilled professional applying a very unique acrylic Tile Refinishing coating using a fine spray technique.

How the new Tile refinishing finish will look:

Our very unique proprietary Tile Refinishing process is why you won’t be able to see any difference between your newly refinished tub and a brand new one. All tub refinishers do not turn out the same quality work so we take great pride in ourselves for providing top quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices.

Bathtub Reglazing

Finished surface is long lasting:

We are perfectionists in terms of the appearance of Tile Refinishing, refinished bathtub or shower. We are also practical and our Tile Refinishing process typically extends the life of a bathtub by 12 to 15 years, maybe longer. In maintaining your refinished tub or shower follow all the recommendations laid down by tub manufacturers in terms of their cleaning and maintenance guidelines. We are in agreement with most of the leading tub manufacturers who advise against abrasive cleaners and recommend an environmentally friendly (green) approach to cleaning tubs and showers.

Give Surface Magic a call today to save thousands of dollars on updating your bathroom. You could easily end up paying several thousand dollars to replace your bathtub, the surrounding tile, your vanity and sink. Surface Magic can save up to 75% of what it would cost you to replace everything.

If you are thinking about having professionals come in and refinish your bathtub, give us a call now and one of our bathtub refinishing specialists will be glad to answer all your questions.

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Tile refinishing